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Burnout, Life, and Recovering from It

Good Plans Can Go Wrong When I returned from Afghanistan in the late spring of 2008, I’d already planned my summer race season, and I was ready to tear it up. How quickly I learned that the mental preparation is not the same as physical preparation!

3 Pieces of Triathlon Gear You Should Consider Buying

Once the Triathlon bug hits you, there is little hope for recovery. I’ve rarely seen anyone battle back from a Triathlon addiction and return to a normal life. As such, you might as well enjoy your ascent to Triathlon greatness and embrace the nuances of the sport. Some might call it an expensive sport, but [...]

Things I Would Have Liked To Know For My First Triathlon – Part 1

My first triathlon was a try-a-tri in August of 2006. I was not prepared and was using a borrowed mountain bike for my attempt. I had gone swimming twice to make sure I could actually accomplish 300 meters in the water, and was not aware of any triathlon etiquette or rules.

Ironman Calendar (2010-2011)

Check out the latest Ironman calendar for 2010-2011. Remember if you’re looking to compete it’s better to get your application in early and pull out than not get a place. Good luck!

70.3 Ironman Calendar (2010-2011)

Looking to compete in a 2010-2011 Ironman event then check out the latest Ironman 70.3 events in your area. Sign up and get training!

Triathlon Training Plans

I realized after my first Triathlon that if I wanted to Race with the pro’s, I’d have to train like the pro’s. Understand the following points thoroughly if you want to be successful with triathlons. In every city there is someone that is training more than you are! In every city there is someone training [...]

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